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JUDE SMITH is an Interfaith Minister, spiritual teacher, and energy healer, and she expresses herself in the world in many different ways. A teacher at heart, she sees the commonality of the world's spiritual and wisdom traditions, and her passion is to lead others to their fullest experience of self-expression, as she supports them in discovering their own spiritual paths, language, and understandings.

Jude is the Executive Director of the
CENTER FOR AUTHENTIC LIVING, an organization committed to reminding people who they are, and to providing the tools to live from that higher place. She is also an active interfaith and non-denominational wedding and ceremonies officiant, crafting customized ceremonies that capture life's transitions in ceremonies that are sacred, elegant, meaningful, and transformative.

Jude has been a radio personality, with her radio show, LIFE TALK airing to a weekly audience of over 300,000 listeners. She has degrees in Psychology and Business Administration, and an advanced degree in Education. She is a respected educator, and has created core curriculum for the New York State Education Department that is still being taught to millions of school children. She is a fluent writer, has been a newspaper columnist, and is currently writing her book, Common Courage – A Journey of Awakening. Jude has been active in the field of personal and professional development throughout the US and Canada producing seminars for several nationally known presenters, touching the hearts of thousands at events throughout the country prior to going out on her own.

In addition to her ordination as an Interfaith Minister, Jude holds degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from the State University of New York at Albany, and an advanced degree in Education from Pace University. She received her ministerial training at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City, a leading-edge seminary program that immerses candidates in a deeply personal and authentic experience of spirituality, making her uniquely qualified to support others on their own journeys of awakening. Jude is a certified Crystal Dreaming shaman, practitioner, and licensed teacher, trained in advanced healing techniques, shamanic journeying, and past life regression by Raym Richards, teaching and certifying Crystal Dreaming practitioners throughout the US and Canada.  Jude is also an Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapist, a sophisticated Reiki-like energy modality, and brings over 400 hours of supervised clinical instruction to her work through her training with guru Sri Shakti Durga and Shanti Mission, a spiritual organization based in Australia. 

But the word that truly embodies the spirit of JUDE SMITH is teacher. For Jude brings her innate ability to teach, and her warm and personal style to all that she does. Formerly a classroom teacher, Jude remains beholden to her youngest students, for they taught her to find joy in everyday things like fairy tales coming true, worms, peanut butter, and snow.

Jude’s motivation has always been her yearning to know more and her thirst for living life fully, followed by her desire to then share what she has learned with others - in ways that are experienced, not just understood. Jude is deeply moved by the strength and beauty of those with whom she works, and her desire is for others to see themselves through her eyes.