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FourPlex Life Coaching Program

    The FourPlex Masters Program
Individual Life Coaching

We all have dreams.  We all have desires, and hopes, and passions.  It’s part of whom we are.  We came into this world desiring to make a difference, to have our lives matter, to express our unique reasons for being.  But sometimes along the way, those very things that are most intrinsic to who we are, get put into sacred boxes for safekeeping, after we decide that perhaps the world is a bit less friendlier than we had imagined.  We think we’ll take those dreams, desires, hopes, and passions out again someday.  But someday often never arrives, as we become consumed with the busyness and responsibilities of life.


But we're here to say that those dreams, desires, hopes and passions have never left you.  They’re just waiting to be lifted out of that sacred box, to be expressed boldly into the world.  And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are looking to dramatically change the circumstances of your life, although you might be.  But it does mean that perhaps you suspect that there is a bit more to whom you are than you are currently expressing, and that part of you is just yearning for fuller expression so that you can live your circumstances with greater fulfillment, joy, and self-expression.


And we're also here to say that in our experience, our minds, or our egos, don’t like change.  They like keeping us safe and right where we are.  Our minds avoid change just as our spirits long for authenticity.  But we've also discovered that one’s heart recognizes the heart of another, and that it’s when in the company of other like-minded individuals that we wake up and respond in kind.


So we're here to offer you an invitation.  An invitation to explore those dreams, desires, hopes and passions with others who are eager to do the same, and to do so on a regular basis.  For it is only by taking one step at a time, day by day, moment by moment, that we travel the path that we were born to travel upon. 


We are offering participation in a FOURPLEX MASTERS GROUP, a four member facilitated mastermind group that will meet ever other week for one hour by telephone, and will follow a specific curriculum designed to support members in living life more richly and expressing oneself more completely in the world.  The format will be a combination of content, mindfulness practices, personal reflection, and group discussion geared towards identifying next steps, how best to take them, and providing the support needed to put ideas into action.  Groups are limited to four members so that they will be small enough to be intimate, and large enough to offer diversity.  Each member will be both a contributor to the growth of others, as well as a receiver of the contributions given in return.

Benefits of Participating in a FOURPLEX Masters Group:

  • You will be listened to in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

  • You will have the support and encouragement of a network of successful and motivated people to move your business, project, or desires forward.

  • You will dramatically increase your ability to reach your goals by having a group of people assisting you in brainstorming solutions and the steps needed to get you there. 

  • You will be motivated by being accountable to others. 

  • You will get useful feedback from others and be able to test ideas with the group before taking action, saving yourself time, energy, and money.

  • You will be offered solutions to challenges from a diverse group of proactive, objective people who share your desire to succeed. 

  • You will acquire tools and insights to strengthen your ability to succeed in all areas of life. 

  • You will experience the joy of contributing to others based on your unique experiences and abilities. 
  • You will develop meaninful relationships with like-minded individuals. 

And for whom is this group ideal?  If you are living, breathing, and have had some experience as a human being, then this group is for you.  For when it comes down to it, who we are goes way beyond the roles we currently play, the circumstances we currently enjoy, and the details of the lives we live.  And when you come from that place, each of you is in a position to contribute your insights, your encouragement, and your ability to receive, to another.  We are all human beings playing this game called Life, and it is so much more rewarding when we join hands and play together as a team.


FourPlex Masters Group
Meeting Twice a Month for 1 Hour
Day and Evening  Groups

Note:  While group memberships are available, space is very limited,
and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Does this resonate with you?  For we are about to share another insight, whether you decide to join this program or not.  Follow your instincts.  Your first instinct.  The first reaction you discern before that voice in your head starts to give you all the reasons why you should not.  Because it is only by taking action that desires become realities.  And that happens one step at a time.  Starting with right now.

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