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Finding Center – A Healing Journey to Wholeness

“Find your Center, and you will be healed.”
~Tao Proverb

Imagine life as you wish it to be.  Imagine the sights, the sounds, the colors, the richness, the relationships, the abundance, the beauty, the love, the joy – details of a life worth celebrating.  Play in this world for just a bit.  Dance in this world.   Breathe it in.  Drink in the details of a life lived fully, with complete self-expression.  And as you do so, know deep within your heart that this is not a dream or a fantasy, but rather, this is life as it is meant to be lived.  For life is meant to be a dance of joyful creation.  Life is meant to fulfill the dreams of your youth.

Look within yourself, and what do you see?  You see a person who loves.  A person desiring beauty.  A person who is naturally self-expressive.  A person who desires to make their life on earth matter.  These qualities are inside each of us.  But why is it that so rarely do they make themselves fully known?

Core Wounds

Simply by living life, we have replaced the knowings of our soul with the ways of the world.  Along the way, we have each experienced Core Wounds.  Core Wounds are those tender places, located at the deepest  levels of our being, that cause us to feel disconnected, alone, unfulfilled, unloved, unlovable, and unable to love.  They cause us to find it difficult to experience true abundance and a personal sense of worth.  They are wounds that were established early by the unconscious judgments we made as a result of our experience of living life.  They have created the beliefs that now guide us, and the core emotions that now color all of our interactions.  All of our interactions and life experiences are meant to shed light upon these core wounds, in order to allow them to heal.  And we will engage in similar patterns of re-acting our core wounds - until we do.

The good news?  As layer upon layer of wounding is uncovered and healed, each healing brings us closer and closer to living from Center, that place of fully experiencing our true nature and our connection to All-That-Is.  And when you live from Center, the more you experience health and wholeness in all that you see and do.

Suddenly, you no longer feel alone.  Life becomes fulfilling.  You experience being loved and loving others.  You know, undeniably, of your worthiness.  You realize you have a natural guidance system informing your walk.  Living in true abundance becomes your natural way.  Life no longer feels like a struggle.  Fear loses its hold on you, and is replaced by joyfulness and peace.  Sometimes, physical ailments that once plagued you become replaced by health as your body comes into alignment with your experience.  When one lives from Center, you experience yourself as being whole, healthy, and complete.  Natural Knowing, Unconditional Love, and Selfless Service become your way.  

Living a Life of Grace and Ease

We have been born with a sacred “owner’s manual,” all that we need in order to live a life of grace and ease.  But rather than being taught spiritual truths and laws, we have been lovingly raised by the well meaning, but ignorant, and have been taught life’s ways rather than the ways of our soul.

Ways of the Soul

What are those natural ways?  
We have access to Deep Knowing
Our natural state is to live in Deep Love
Our desire is to engage in Deep Service to the world

These are our spiritual gifts.  A Sacred Triangle if you will.  But each of these gifts brings with it imposters who masquerade as being The Way.  Deep Knowing masquerades as intellect.  Deep Love masquerades as need. And Deep Service masquerades as mindless doing.  By embracing the imposters, it is easy to be pulled off course, believing we are where we are meant to be.  For these are clever imposters, and they love to tell us that they are the real thing.  But a part of us always knows the truth.  How can one tell the difference?  The difference can be distinguished by the level of satisfaction and fulfillment that you feel.

The Sacred Triangle

How do you separate the real experience of this Sacred Triangle from its weaker manifestations?  It comes from deep knowing.  It comes with deep healing.  It comes from deep listening.  It comes from committing to enter the depths of the inner world until one Finds Center.  And once Center has been found, the Sacred Triangle becomes both the guide and the way.  Not one point of this triangle is more valuable than any of the others.  But taken together, they form the container that allows your true self to be set free.  

These three points are all that your True Self knows.  And your True Self is yearning to be able to express itself as such. How do you do that?  Any one of the three points of the Sacred Triangle is a valid entry point to begin the journey to Find Center.

For some, deep knowing may pull you in.  
For others, it may be the yearning of your heart
For still others, it is the pull to serve in sacred ways.  

And for a few, all three call with equal clarity.  Taken together, they form a tight network designed to light your way.

Living From The Sacred Triangle

As one journeys to Find Center, one point of the Sacred Triangle will often call more loudly than another, for many live most  naturally from one of the three.  

Whether it be
Deep Love
Deep Knowing, or
Sacred Service,
that point becomes your entry place, and should be pursued and practiced.  Because once one point has been mastered, the other two, by definition, will become mastered as well.  

Whether that may be the point of Natural Knowing, or the point of Compassion and Unconditional Love, or the point of Sacred Service, that is where you are to start.  Identify your entry point. And then begin the journey of Finding Center, using that point as your first tool.  

Fully embrace that entry point as an understood way to Find Center.  Notice the insights you glean along the way. Each insight will be replacing a Layer of Separation with a Foundation of Truth. Truth by Truth, you will heal and find your way back home.

Experiencing True Healing

As you start to experience Finding Center, oftentimes bodies will heal as well, as healing affects all levels of maya, or illusion.  But physical healing is not the ultimate objective.  It is merely the glorious by-product of healing at the level of the soul.

For some beings, when the soul has been healed, their tenure on earth is complete.  For others, the healing of their soul starts the process of fully and consciously living their destinies.  There is no way to predict your soul’s agreement.  All you can do is commit to re-finding Center, for that is an agreement you have made.

Exciting Times

These are exciting times! You are discovering you have not been stumbling alone in the dark. You may have felt you were in the dark due to a  lack of understanding.  But you have very methodically been on a journey of healing, motivated by your commitment to finding your way back home.

Enjoy these times, knowing that by being curious and committed to the journey you are doing good work.  Although you may have had a lifetime of working hard, the work being described is righteous work, or right action, and that is the lower right point.  

Welcome home.

Support Along the Way

Buddha spoke of there being an eight-fold path to enlightenment. In addition to right action, he spoke of the need for right company – surrounding ourselves with sangha, or spiritual community, for he knew the journey can be an arduous  one, filled with missteps along the way.

The wise teacher, Jesus, also spoke of the need for right company, as he spoke of the power that occurs when two or more are gathered in shared spiritual consciousness.  

The experience of community is central to Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Native American and other indigenous  groups as well.  

From the most ancient times, people have gathered in groups and communities to engage in practices addressing the Source of Life, practices designed to unite us with that Source of Life in the deepest of ways.  

Whether called a congregation, a sangha, a minyan, or a satsang, spiritual company supports us in living from our truest place, as each member becomes a reflection of and witness to another on the Sacred Path.    

At the Center for Authentic Living, we know the value of right company, or sangha, and we offer many opportunities to discover ways to support your journey to Find Center.

Programs and services that might interest you include:

At the Center for Authentic Living, our commitment is to live from Center
using the tools of unconditional love
guided by deep knowing
ultimately governed by our desire to serve.  

This commitment forms the foundation of all that we do.  In order to include any who feel called, many of our programs are offered by donation.

We are very excited to have you join us on this human journey, as we invite you to connect with us.  We are curious to discover, with you, who you are, and how we may be of service to you. Because we know, just like you do, that we are all one.

Let us join together, as one, and create a whole new world.  A world where everyone experiences Finding Center, that place of undeniably knowing we are whole, healthy, and complete.

Center For Authentic Living