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Is Pleased to Present:

Offering You The Spirit of Travel

Santorini Islands, Greece

 Sometimes it takes stepping out of the ordinary... return to extraordinary


An overseas SACRED PASSAGES TRAVEL RETREAT is designed to allow you to look deeper into the spirit of travel to experience the richer experience that is found by looking within.

SACRED PASSAGES TRAVEL RETREAT provides time to mindfully discover the joy of exploring new worlds while also discovering the richness of the hidden itinerary that is so often overlooked.  Our trips are a balance of organized excursions to places of natural beauty, group gatherings to share prayer and the deeply personal ways people are being touched, meditation and mindfulness practice, ritual, and a spacious amount of personal and unscheduled time.

A SACRED PASSAGES TRAVEL RETREAT delivers the excitement of world-wide travel enriched with the essence of spirit, and does so while visiting exceptional locations worldwide.  We take people to beautiful places to deeply experience the beauty of God.

Come join us for a tranquil, reflective, and soul-touching experience.  We invite you to travel abroad in order to find your way back home.