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Our minds are powerful tools.  Active since birth, they have only one function – to assure our survival.  Our minds are the product of years of conditioning.  And the quality of the functioning of our minds is equal to the quality of the data to which it has been exposed.  And the truth is, much of the data to which it has been exposed may have been erroneous – for the data was collected by our childhood selves, and conclusions were drawn based on limited childhood experiences.  And then we may spend the rest of our lives comparing our adult experiences to our childhood conclusions, and then acting, or perhaps more correctly,
reacting, based on those conclusions.  And we may even live our lives as if those conclusions are Truth.


And I say you know another way.  I say you are able to discern truth from beliefs, attitudes, and judgments about what is so.  It just takes some practice with quieting the endless chatter of our well-meaning minds, and noticing what remains.  For you have all the answers.  You know what it is you desire at any given moment.  You know what you must do to achieve that desire.  And you know of the skills, talents, and abilities you possess to make those desires real.

And just as it took years to condition your mind to operate as it operates today, it takes practice to train yourself to operate in a different way.  An
authentic way.  A way that puts you in control of your choices, rather then living life as a reaction to your circumstances.  Your mind exists to serve you.  All it needs is repeated instruction on how you wish for it to behave.

What follows is a mind conditioning program –

The Authentic Living Workbook 

You will see the same exercises repeated over and over again, for only through repetition will you create new thought patterns that serve you, to replace old thought patterns that protected you.   

I am going to suggest a 30 day conditioning program, and have therefore provided pages for the completion of 30 different exercises.  And I would suggest committing to completing these exercises, no matter what, for 30 consecutive days.  For your mind is a slick vehicle, and it has spent a lifetime getting to know you.  It knows each time you committed to something and failed to follow through.  And it's not going to fall for that trick again.... 

Your mind is going to wait and see if you truly do things differently this time.  And it’s not going to cooperate until it knows that this time – is different.  That
this time you are committed.  That this time you mean business.  That this time you are taking control.  And only when you demonstrate your commitment to doing things differently, will it cooperate.  For your mind is just doing its job of staying firmly rooted to patterns of protection to which it has been well-trained – until convinced that there are other ways.  For ultimately, your mind exists to serve you.  It just needs to know what you desire.

And how long will this process take?  I have arbitrarily chosen 30 days as a place from which to start – long enough to be significant, yet not so long as to be overwhelming.  And I would encourage you to commit to the program for the entire 30 days – no matter what results you do or do not produce.  Commit to the full 30 days of the program, as an experiment of sorts - and then evaluate.  And after 30 days you will know what you need to do next.  For you always know. 


And be kind to yourselves…..   For the mind does not like change, for it associates change with danger.  And this program represents change.  Your mind may tell you all sorts of things to test your commitment.  Things like, “This doesn’t work,” or “I don’t like this,” or “This is a waste of time,” or here’s a good one – “I don’t have the time….”   And I say that your mind is  just doing what it needs to do.  So thank it for its concern and its devotion to your protection, and then do the program anyway.  And then promise your mind that at the end of 30 days you will re-evaluate.  And then…..

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I live each moment fully. 


I fully express each moment’s desire.


My life is whole and complete.


I have all that I desire.

I know where I am going.


For I am not “going” anywhere.


I have arrived. 


And I am in a glorious place.