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Crystal Light Therapy

The Etheric Crystal Healing Light  is a non-intrusive, no-touch therapy that combines the benefits of color, light and crystal therapies, producing beneficial stimulation on both a physical and energetic level.  As colored light shines through each crystal, chakras are balanced, cleansed, and aligned, allowing your body's own natural healing mechanisms to function as they were meant to do.  

As various aspects of yourself are brought into balance, you begin to reconnect with your higher awareness, allowing your body to rid itself of the stresses accumulated through living, resulting in an experience of deep relaxation, empowerment, balance, and inner peace. The powerful balancing and recharging of your body's energy systems results in an experience that is peaceful, relaxing, and restorative. 

Ancient Therapy
These are not new therapies. Color and  light therapies trace their roots back to ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. But it was not until the early 20th century that scientific study moved light and color therapy out of the realm of the mystical, and into the realm of the scientific, as experiments showed that color and light affect every living being in a physiological and psychological manner.

What to Expect During an Etheric Crystal Light Treatment
You will be invited  to relax in a beautiful candlelit room.  With soft music gently playing, you will simply remove your shoes and lie fully clothed underneath a warm blanket on top of a softly padded massage table.  A lavender-filled mask will be placed over your eyes to help you relax, as you open yourself to receiving the effects of the crystals, the colors, and the lights.

After your session, you may feel somewhat expanded and contemplative. We suggest you schedule in some time to rest and reflect afterwards, in order to let your body realign and balance itself.  It is also recommended that you drink additional glasses of water following your session, to assist your body in ridding itself of any impurities that may be released as your body balances itself.

Benefits of the Etheric Crystal Healing Light
As with any treatment, no guarantee can be made for the healing of a specific ailment, or to experiencing specific results.  However, people who have experienced the Etheric Crystal Healing Light regularly report the following results:

Increased energy
Feelings of deep relaxation
Increased feelings of peace and overall well-being
Reduction in stress levels
Gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves and life situations

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Aura photograph before a
10 minute Etheric Crystal Healing Light session

Note the narrow and uneven aura, with occlusions on the
left side of the body, corresponding to the client’s
shoulder trauma and left side surgery. 

Aura photograph after a 10 minute 
Etheric Crystal Healing Light session

Note the change in color of the aura, which is now  broad
and well-formed, as well as the glow and expansion around
the upper chakras. Occlusions on the left side
of the body have been eliminated. 

Scheduling Your Session
Etheric Crystal Healing Light Therapy can be added to any of the healing services offered by the Center for Authentic Living for a heightened experience of balance and integration, or enjoyed as a stand-alone experience.  

Rates start at $20 for a 20 Minutes session,
and can be increased in $10/10 Minute increments.

Contact The Center for Authentic Living to schedule your session at:


For the quickest response, send an email with your request, including amount of time desired, and preferred days and times to:

Rev. Jude Smith