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Healing Meditation and Satsang

Authentic Life Practice Group

If you identify yourself as being spiritual but not necessarily religious,
 If you are eager to develop a spiritual practice or to deepen one you already enjoy,
If you are hungry to become part of a community of like-minded others,
If you are curious about life and life’s teachings...   

...then I hope you will feel moved to join us at our weekly  
Healing Meditation and Satsang which means in Sanskrit - a gathering of Truth.

The world can be a scary place at times, and life can be challenging.  It is easy to feel isolated and alone, with no one to guide us as we feel called by something we may not be able to name. I feel humbled and grateful that my journey, training and skills have allowed me to offer such an opportunity to gather in spiritual community, developing an Authentic Life Practice to take back out into the world.  
  • I believe we are entering new times, times when people are crying out for real spiritual food, fed in authentic ways, enjoyed with others eager to explore the mysteries of life.
  • I believe we are entering a time of trans-denominationalism - transcending the denominations - to celebrate the common truths that are at the heart of each, using a variety of practices all meant to do so.
  • I believe we need to redefine spiritual community, and unite not based on the faiths we were born into, but by the Truths that we share. 
  • I believe there is one God, called by many different names, and that the Divine is meant to be experienced, not believed in.
  • And I believe that there is a need to gather in new ways, with new practices, whose purpose is not merely to worship, but to provide ways to live life with grace, ease, fulfillment and purpose. 

I am not speaking of eradicating traditional paths, because my seminary experience has allowed me to see the beauty and validity of each.  But I am talking about fostering an authentic connection to Source.  I am talking about creating something alive, and dynamic, and interactive – because anything that is about life, by definition, must grow.  And I am inviting you to participate and to grow with us.  

What Do We Offer?  
We offer a weekly gathering, united in the common purpose of:  

Connecting with a Source greater than ourselves.

Exploring spiritual teachings, both ancient and new, for the purpose of applying them to the lives we live today.

Developing spiritual practices that are meant to be lived daily, so that life becomes a classroom of spiritual growth.

Celebrating, deepening, opening, healing, and growing through music, energy, meditation, and word, to open the heart to the Truths that are ready to be known.

Taking this experience back into our individual lives, resulting in life being experienced as gentler and more fulfilling.  

When Do We Offer It?

Come join us, celebrate with us, explore with us, grow with us, on

Wednesday Evenings
 7:30 – 9 PM

Feel free to drop in, no prior experience needed, no ongoing commitment expected - although we hope you will feel inspired to return! Please call ahead of time to confirm dates.
How Much Does It Cost?  
I have spent much time exploring prosperity, abundance, and our relationship with the energies of give and receive. My conclusion? True abundance can only be found within our hearts, and we cultivate that experience by living from that place.   

Looking into your heart for guidance is a critical skill needed for spiritual growth. Therefore, I wish to let your heart decide the value it receives each week, within the context of your own unique economic circumstances.  I trust you to make an appropriate contribution, knowing you will be practicing the spiritual principle of supporting that which supports you.  I have faith in your maturity, your depth, your partnership, and your support, and your understanding that there are very real costs associated with offering these events.  For demonstrating fully that whom you are, I thank you.

Remote Participation
For those of  you who live too far way to join us live, meditations are posted regularly on YouTube.  
Subscribe to be notified as new meditations are posted.  

Parting Words
I am in awe of anyone who identifies themselves as being on the spiritual journey, because I know the courage that it takes.  I know that no matter what circumstances may temporarily look like, there is a power and a presence that lies within each one of us, if only we know where to look.  It is my sincere desire that together, we become beacons for one another, helping one another find the way.    

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